MedTech Software to Drive Sales

AcuityMD is a commercial platform built for the medical technology industry. Thousands of sales and marketing professionals use AcuityMD to identify target markets, surface top opportunities, and grow their business.

Grow Pipeline

Spend less time looking for high-value opportunities with AcuityMD’s fresh target lists and easy-to-use interface.

Close Deals Faster

Use insights into physicians’ clinical practice, competitor relationships, and peer networks to refine Ideal Customer Profiles and create a personalized sales approach.

Save Time

Focus your team’s efforts on selling instead of manual data entry and analysis with AcuityMD’s industry data, intuitive workflows, and seamless integrations.

Built for MedTech

Medical device companies have traditionally relied on one-size-fits-all CRM software coupled with data pulls to reach potential customers. AcuityMD’s platform is specifically built for the MedTech industry’s unique business requirements, and transforms large amounts of healthcare data into intuitive workflows that prioritize sales and marketing efforts and align with the industry’s commercial process.

Dynamic Insights

Instead of sifting through static reports or spending hours using search engines, commercial teams leverage AcuityMD to view unlimited information about products, procedures, and diagnoses, identifying high-value physicians, sites of care, and market whitespace. Easy-to-use filters enable teams to stay on top of market trends and see when surgeons operate at new facilities, perform new procedures, or move across territories. Teams get the inside edge to stay ahead of the competition and hit their sales goals.

Rally your team around the right opportunities

For sales reps

Pinpoint the right HCPs and Sites of Care, personalize your engagement, and forecast each opportunity accurately.

For sales leaders

Enable your team to hit the ground running and track current penetration and new pipeline across products, accounts, IDNs, and territories.

For marketers

Size and segment markets to track product launches, understand adoption and market penetration, and keep everyone in sync on marketing initiatives.

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