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Controlling the Chaos of Medtech Contracts

March 15, 2024

AcuityMD co-founder and CEO Mike Monovoukas details how medtech innovators are missing out on substantial revenue opportunities while incurring administrative costs from disjointed contract management.

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Med Ad News Agenda 2024 Covers AI and Beyond

March 5, 2024

Too often, medtech companies send reps data dumps – clunky spreadsheets or standalone reports – expecting them to make sense of it all. Reps are salespeople, not data analysts. For them to be successful, they need easy-to-use and intuitive data that quickly identifies the best opportunities and helps them better understand prospective buyers," says Mike Monovoukas, CEO and co-founder at AcuityMD.

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Artificial Intelligence, Consolidated Healthcare, and Obesity Drugs to Impact Medtech 2024

December 19, 2023

CEO and co-founder Mike Monovoukas sits down with MedAd News and PharmaLive to discuss the top trends in store for 2024.

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MedTech 2024: Top 5 Trends Shaping a Dynamic Industry

December 7, 2023

Medical Product Outsourcing takes a look at the role AI, return on investment, integrated delivery networks, obesity drugs, and data will have on the MedTech industry.

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Analyzing Data in the Medical Device Marketing Landscape

November 28, 2023

Understanding how to analyze and leverage data for medical device marketing is critical to product launch success. In this Life Sciences Intelligence article, learn why it’s critical for MedTech companies to understand their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) even beyond product launch, and predictions for what 2024 will bring to the MedTech space.

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40 Under 40: Michael Monovoukas

October 10, 2023

Boston Business Journal profiles co-founder and CEO Mike Monovoukas in their 40 Under 40 feature, recognizing Boston's best and brightest young professionals.

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Anika Therapeutics Streamlines Path to Commercialization

August 9, 2023

While medtech commercialization is complex and different for each product, having a platform that efficiently and accurately identifies new opportunities is invaluable. In this article, Anika Therapeutics shares how new data insights enabled their sales reps to drive more effective call plans -- surfacing over 500 relevant surgeons and more than $20 million in pipeline opportunities.

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Four Pillars for a Successful Medtech Market Product Launch

July 4, 2023

Successfully introducing a product into the medtech market can be challenging. Now, experts are carving out a clearer pathway.

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3 Key Elements to Consider When Managing a Medtech Sales Force

May 19, 2023

In a challenging employment market, technology may be the key for talent retention.

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Mike Monovoukas of AcuityMD Named ELITE 2023 Digital Crusader

May 16, 2023

Digital Crusaders are those who advance digital platforms to transform marketing and company operations. With AcuityMD, Mike identified a clear industry need and is helping MedTech companies bring innovations to market that positively impact patients’ lives.

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Building a Network: How Synchron Is Developing a New Device—and a New Market

May 9, 2023

Success relies as much on technology as it does building a network of key partners to grow this emerging field of medicine. Learn about Synchron's approach in Medical Products Outsourcing.

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Dilon Deploys AcuityMD’s Platform to Accelerate Treatment for Patients

April 5, 2023

AcuityMD’s platform enables Dilon to quickly identify physicians to treat surgical breast cancer patients.

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Are Dated Software Systems Holding Back MedTech?

January 11, 2023

Are dated software systems holding MedTech back? AcuityMD CEO Michael Monovoukas shares what medical technology companies can achieve when they have the right tools -- and the risks if they don't.

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Trends That Could Define Medtech’s Success in 2023

January 3, 2023

The top trend that could define MedTech in 2023? Empower your salesforce (or lose your people), according to MD+DI. "The smart companies are going to be the ones that wake up to that earlier and start investing in empowering their salesforce as opposed to monitoring or taking a Big Brother approach," says AcuityMD CEO Michael Monovoukas.

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AcuityMD Named Pharmaceutical Marketing Venture to Watch

December 13, 2022

"A lot of folks have taken almost a pejorative framing, describing the medical technology industry as behind pharma or behind other industries,” Monovoukas told Med Ad News. "The reality is the medical device industry has never had a tool that was built with their own needs and use cases in mind."

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Could Minimally Invasive Neuromod Tackle the Opioid Epidemic?

November 21, 2022

Officials at Spark Biomedical and AcuityMD think their partnership could accelerate the commercialization of Spark’s potentially game-changing platform.

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Spark Biomedical and AcuityMD Partner to Launch Non-Drug Opioid Reduction System

November 15, 2022

To accelerate patient access to its non-pharmaceutical therapy for opioid use disorder, Spark Biomedical has teamed up with AcuityMD on the launch of a wearable neurostimulation device.

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AcuityMD Raises $31M to Make Data from Medical Devices Actionable

May 12, 2022

Like much of healthcare, medical devices data is siloed. That means that manufacturers lose visibility on the patient after they sell the device, providers have trouble keeping up with the increasing pace of innovation, and payers reimburse healthcare providers without knowing which products were used. AcuityMD is a platform looking to close those gaps.

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AcuityMD Raises $7M to Better Track the Evolving World of Medical Hardware

May 25, 2021

“There are thousands of products being launched each year and so it’s almost impossible for a surgeon, after they’ve graduated fellowship or residency to keep track of the latest and greatest medical technology out there,” Monovoukas said. “We view this as a software and coordination problem, where you have all this data out there and it’s inefficient in getting to the decision-maker.”

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