Know Your Market – No Spreadsheets Required

Define, size, and segment your target market. With customized insights built into AcuityMD’s platform, you can enable precise targeting strategies and discover growth opportunities.

Streamline Your Strategy

Analyze your market in just a few clicks. AcuityMD gives a streamlined view of total market opportunity and your current penetration for different product categories, procedures, and diagnoses. Segment markets across Hospitals, ASCs, IDNs, and geographies to build a commercial strategy in lockstep with market trends and procedures.

Target More Accurately

Discover up- and cross-sell opportunities by tracking product penetration for both HCPs and Sites of Care. Define targeting strategies custom to each product and procedure to help reps find new opportunities. Use sales outcomes to better define ideal customer profiles and improve future strategies.

Spot Growth Opportunities

Stay on top of new market trends and growth rates with intuitive dashboards so teams can adjust sales plans as needed. Get full visibility into procedures your targets or product users perform to identify whitespace and opportunities for expansion.

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