AcuityMD Statement on Job Scammers

It has come to our attention that there have been bad actors using reputable companies’ names, including ours, to solicit personal information as part of a fraudulent hiring scam. Unfortunately, this is out of our control, but we want to make it clear that this behavior is unacceptable.

AcuityMD does not and will not ask you to interview and/or share any personal information until the offer stage. We recommend you do not share any sensitive information over the phone or email. Fraudulent hiring scams often also ask for financial information and may ask for “advances.” AcuityMD does not ask for any financial commitment at any stage of the recruitment process.

Should you apply for a role and be contacted by an employee of AcuityMD, all of our interviews will be scheduled by someone with an AcuityMD email address. We never ask you to provide personal information through other means, such as Telegram or social media platforms, as part of our interview or onboarding process.

We have reported and flagged these false job postings when we’ve seen them. We also encourage you to contact your state attorney general’s office to report any potential scams and also recommend you contact the recruiting website and/or social media platform that may have been involved as well to notify them.

AcuityMD has no responsibility for fraudulent offers and advises job candidates to follow the guidance provided.