Olympus Adopts AcuityMD Across the Enterprise to Power an Expanding Omnichannel Engagement Strategy

BOSTON — September 12, 2023 —AcuityMD, provider of a novel commercial platform for medical technology (MedTech) companies, has expanded its partnership with Olympus Corporation, a top 20 MedTech company that delivers advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, and minimally invasive procedures to healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Olympus is leveraging AcuityMD not only to expand business opportunities but also to continue building its omnichannel strategy and improve the customer experience with personalized engagement.

Olympus sought an industry-specific commercial solution that combines accurate data, analytics, and customer relationship management functionality in one easy-to-use platform. The company adopted AcuityMD’s [Targeting Module](https://acuitymd.com/solutions/targeting/) in 2020 for their Surgical Solutions division and quickly identified new HCPs that can benefit from its products. Olympus is now expanding its use of AcuityMD’s Targeting Module across its Urology, Gastroenterology, and Respiratory business units and is using the platform to further build its omnichannel engagement strategy.  

“The customer is at the center of everything we do,” said Suzan Morgan, head of omnichannel strategy at Olympus. “AcuityMD’s platform not only makes it faster to identify physicians whose patients could benefit from Olympus solutions, but it also enables more personalized engagement in more accessible ways. For instance, our sales reps get rich insights from the system to better prepare for business review meetings and ensure a relevant discussion that benefits each physician.”

“We’ve built a true partnership with AcuityMD over the years,” said Michael Fleming, vice president of commercial operations at Olympus. “AcuityMD has been instrumental in streamlining our sales operations and building our pipeline, and we are excited to expand the relationship.”

AcuityMD is filling a void for a data-driven commercialization platform that helps MedTech companies identify high-value opportunities to deliver their innovative products that improve and save lives. MedTech companies have traditionally relied on one-size-fits-all CRM software coupled with cumbersome data exports to reach potential customers. AcuityMD’s platform transforms large volumes of healthcare data, such as procedural volumes, where surgeons operate, and peer networks, into intuitive workflows that prioritize sales efforts and align with the industry’s commercialization process.

"It is especially rewarding to see how our platform has positively impacted Olympus’ sales performance and omnichannel goals over the past months, and we are excited to grow with them,” said Michael Monovoukas, CEO and co-founder of AcuityMD. “With this expansion, we aim to unlock even greater efficiencies for Olympus and continue to streamline the process of bringing their live-saving innovations to patients.”

Olympus will be presenting at AcuityMD’s first annual conference, [Flywheel](https://info.acuitymd.com/sales-and-marketing-medtech-conference-acuitymd-flywheel-2023), September 26 in Boston. For more information, contact lbarbadora@barbadoraink.com.

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